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Ody Burgle Goes To School
Can't Get Enough, Here's More Pictures
Ody's World
Ody Burgle Goes To School

Kind of like "Andy Hardy Goes To School" but much more hairy and a lot more noisier 

WE PASSED BASIC OBEDIENCE!!!  Pretty impressive for a 8 month old in an adult dog obedience class.  He did great and held his own - I learned alot too.

This "Stay" learned from our "Gun Dog" video
Teacher was very impressed - "excellent job"

This is a "Good Boy" heel - impressive isn't it?

The fact that he was laying down relaxed
was just too cool - long way from the first night of class

FINAL EXAM! How do we do with a distraction
Girl at the left was dragging Wendy's fries (he passed)!

Notice the stunned look on my face
After 8 weeks of class, we finally got it - Woo Woo!!!

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We are going to take a 4-week refresher class the middle April just to keep brushed up.  Hopefully I'll be able to find a retriever class before we go up to Hunter's Marsh in Harrisville for our hunting training during the summer.

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