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Ody Burgle Goes To School
Can't Get Enough, Here's More Pictures
Ody's World


Yes, it's Ody's world - a snapshot of life with the "Tiny Burgler"!!


"Hi, I am Ody.  Right now this is how I keep Mommy & Daddy on their toes.  I love to dig.  Mommy calls me her mud puppy.  Daddy calls me other things when he catches me digging and then hoses me off and laughs."


You have heard of "Take Your Kids To Work Day", well this is "Take Ody To Work Day" (I do this every once in a while).  All I can think of when I see this picture is "Hello, my name is Odysseus and I would like to trade-in this Gummy Dino here for an upgrade.  What are you going to do for me?"

Here's Our Happy Little Family
(Can you tell who thinks he's all that?)

Because you can't shower without a "guest"
Ody naps in his house (in Ody's special way)

He is always so happy. He's our little "smiling jack"

If he can find a way to be under something, the happier he is

He's definitely an "in your face" kind of guy
Quite the little acrobat (he perches on the couch arms too)

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